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The Group

The Murtfeldt Group consists of seven companies employing more than 650 staff. The corporate group offers you extensive expertise in the use of non-metallic high-performance materials – from application-related materials consulting, to design and manufacturing. The properties of these components meet the industrial requirements set in a wide range of sectors. Whether you deal with standard or customised production – the focus is primarily on the comprehensive consulting service. The aim is always to find the best technical solution to suit our customers’ specific and, sometimes, complex application area.









A brief overview

[Translate to Deutsch:] Die Murtfeldt Group besteht aus 7 Unternehmen

The Murtfeldt Group consists of seven companies and is active worldwide.

More than 650 employees

More than 650 employees work in the Group for your benefit.

over 10,000 customers around the globe

For over 10,000 customers around the globe.

[Translate to Deutsch:] In der Murtfeldt Group nutzt modernste Qualitätsmanagement-Systeme

State-of-the-art quality management systems are used throughout the corporate group.

Murtfeldt Group: certified environmental management system

A certified environmental management system is standard in all divisions.

Murtfeldt Group: Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is something we actively put into practice in our Group.

certified energy management system

A certified energy management system documents our responsible use of resources.

The advantages

[Translate to Deutsch:] Murtfeldt Group - Forschung und Entwicklung in eigenen Laboren

Research and development

In our own laboratories, we work on new technologies and materials in close cooperation with universities and research institutions.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Kunden der Murtfeldt Group profitieren von unserer anwendungstechnischen Beratung

Application engineering advice

We attach a great deal of importance to having close contact with our customers. That’s why we offer in-depth and comprehensive advice on site or through our Back Office staff.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Kosteneinsparung durch effiziente und durchdachte Lösungen

Cost savings

You can use Murtfeldt solutions to cut costs, since they are energy efficient and have reduced maintenance intervals and a long service life.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Produkte und Lösungen der Murtfeldt Group können helfen Energie und Energiekosten einzusparen


The Murtfeldt Group supplies you with products that promote a reduction in driving forces while maintaining the same performance, thereby helping to significantly minimise your energy costs.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Individuelle Designs und maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für Ihre Anforderungen

Individual designs

Customised solutions – products made using additive manufacturing and machining processes meet your individual requirements.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Ressourcen schonen durch ökologische, recycelbare Werkstoffe

Environmentally friendly

Ecological, recyclable materials conserve resources and help people take responsibility for our environment.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Immer die optimale Lösung durch unsere Werkstoffvielfalt und modernste Produktionsverfahren

The best possible solutions

By combining an extensive range of materials with state-of-the-art production processes, we aim to find the ideal solution to suit customers’ every requirement.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Umfangreich ausgestattete Lager der Murtfeldt Group garantieren hohe Verfügbarkeit und Liefertreue.

Superb availability

Extensively equipped warehouses mean you can always count on high availability and deliverability – guaranteed.



We want to make a big difference with our cultural and social commitment
and, at the same time, be as ‘close’ as possible to every project we support.

Detlev Höhner (Managing Director of the Murtfeldt Group)




Corporate social responsibility

The Murtfeldt Group sees itself as being part of society, and is well aware of this role. The responsibility it shoulders as a result means it supports social, cultural, ecological and economic initiatives and projects. To ensure that our employees feel at ease in their workplace, we promote staff development, flexible working hours and personal commitment. This also includes taking the most ecological approach possible to our work. Whether it’s the environment, art and culture, or the connecting element of sport, every single one of these things is an integral part of social life, and we are committed to ensuring their continued existence. We would like to carry this awareness out from our everyday working lives and into our private lives, and are thrilled to bits when people view us as active members of society, not to mention responsible neighbours.










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