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Nowadays, we spend most of the day at our workplace. And you often hear people talk about how ‘demands are increasing, working life is becoming more stressful, and a small circle of people are expected to handle a growing number of tasks.’ We are aware of the high demands placed on each and every one of us at Murtfeldt. We take appropriate action, because our employees are our most valuable asset. Even though we deal with technical issues day in, day out, human interaction is an equally important part of life in the Murtfeldt Group as our innovative strength. The phrase ‘family business’ is more than just an explanation of Murtfeldt’s history. It also describes the philosophy that every single company in the group lives by today.

Tolerance and trust form the foundation of employees being allowed – and encouraged – to develop in a way that suits their abilities and motivation. So, what are you waiting for? Join us and become part of one of the Murtfeldt teams!







Many employees have been working at Murtfeldt for a very long time,
which is testament to the fact that we offer job security. And also to the fact that our employees obviously feel very comfortable here.

Deniz Sen (Head of Overall Production at Murtfeldt Kunststoffe)



Plenty of scope for development

Whether you work in Production, Administration, Development or Sales – there are plenty of opportunities for you to carve a career out of your talent. What with plastics development and production, lightweight construction, 3D printing and much more besides – you can work wherever you feel drawn to. And at different sites throughout Germany to boot. Why don’t you take the opportunity at this point to find out about some of your potential future colleagues? 

Murtfeldt Additive Solutions


Murtfeldt Kunststoffe

That’s how it is!

There are some things that simply have to be said. Employees from various divisions and subsidiaries talk about their jobs within the Murtfeldt Group.

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The benefits for you

Murtfeldt Group: Human Ressources - International locations

International locations

One corporate philosophy – many locations. If you’d like to experience the world, you’ve come to the right place.

Murtfeldt Group: Human Ressources - A huge variety of areas of activity

A huge variety of areas of activity

We can put your talent to use. Whether they’re in Sales, Development, Technology or Administration – make the most of a huge range of development opportunities.

Murtfeldt Group: Human ressources - safety by growth

Security through size

We’ve grown since the company was established – and we’re still growing even now. This helps everyone feel confident and secure. And you benefit from this security.

Murtfeldt Group: Human Ressources - Carreer

Amazing career prospects

We can help you turn your dreams of professional success into a reality. In whatever form that might take. Because we offer lots of working models that meet your needs and goals.

Murtfeldt Group: Human Ressources - Large knowledge pool

Large knowledge pool

The knowledge accumulated and available in the Murtfeldt Group unleashes innovation and success. Get involved and become part of our corporate think tank.

Murtfeldt Group: Human Ressources - Teamwork is an integral part of our corporate culture

Teamwork: an integral part of the corporate culture

We attach a great deal of importance to cooperation. Whether that’s in our everyday working lives or in the social sector. Jointly achieving the goals we’ve set our sights on forms an inseparable part of the corporate philosophy.



The services

Murtfeldt Group: Human Ressources - flexibility


The end result is what truly matters to us. How you achieve it is up to you. Whether you’d like to work from home, have flexible hours or make the most of different part-time models – nothing is off the table. 

Murtfeldt Group: support, advanced training and further education measures


We want you to grow with us and offer you a wide range of different support, advanced training and further education measures, not to mention courses, to help you do exactly that. Because your development is a matter close to our hearts. 

Murtfeldt Group: Human Ressources - mobility


Both our company and our mindset are green. At Murtfeldt, you’ll naturally find bike stands and car and e-bike charging stations. What’s more, we allow our staff to hire bikes too, of course.

Murtfeldt Group: Human Ressources - health


We care about all our employees’ wellbeing. For instance, staff can attend regular medical check-ups, the canteen serves up balanced dishes and people who like being active can take part in ‘physical activity breaks’.

Murtfeldt Group: Human Ressources - employer-funded pension scheme

Company pension scheme

A low staff turnover rate clearly indicates that our employees want to grow old with us. But we’ve already cast our minds ahead to their retirement, which is why we offer an employer-funded pension scheme.

Murtfeldt Group: Human Ressources - sporting events and internal meetups


People have lives outside of work, and that’s, at least, just as important to us. Murtfeldt offers sporting events and internal meetups that allow all employees to realise their full potential and carry their team spirit into their free time. 

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